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Welcome to Japan

Attention all players of Mafia Wars! Here is a treat for you before Christmas. The new Japan destination has now been made available for players at level 25 or above and it is every bit as exciting and full of opportunities as the other destinations.


Zynga has lived up to its reputation of keep on coming up with new and exciting additions to the game we all love. The latest addition offers the mobsters the chance to go to the Land of the Rising Sun and climb their way to the top of the Yakuza. Are you ready for this new challenge? We have all the details regarding this new destination and what new features and adventures it has in store for you.

To get you started with the new destination, the game is offering 1 Lock Box to you so that you can upgrade your bank. This is being done as an incentive to encourage you into exploring Japan. There are currently three districts on offer in Japan namely, Rise of Tatsuya, Pachinko Winnings and Kabukicho Crimes. As is the case with the rest of the destinations of Mafia Wars, you are going to have to complete jobs to complete each district. The three districts have 4 tiers that you have to master, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. As of now, the Japan destination does not have any Assets, District Bosses or Bandits.

In the Japan destination, you will have to complete Syndicate jobs alongside regular jobs to proceed to a new mastery level for each district. These syndicate jobs come from the two Yakuza Syndicates, Senko-gumi and Ikeda-gumi, whose representatives can be found in each of the districts of Japan. Both the syndicates will offer you a hand of support at a price and in return will reward you too. The Senko-gumi will offer you the chance to win twice the amount of consumables from jobs while the Ikeda-gumi is going to provide you the opportunity to win twice the amount of Yens from jobs.

As of now there are only two properties available in the Japan destination, Kyabakura Club and Kakutogi Stadium.  You can unlock these two properties by mastering the first job in Kabukicho Crimes and Rise of Tatsuya districts respectively. These two properties can help you in gaining a number of valuable resources. For instance, the Kyabakura Club will give you the chance to craft consumables while the Kakutogi Stadium is going to offer you Yens.

You have the Okane Bank in Japan which has to be upgraded regularly if you want to deposit more cash into it. The starting storage capacity of the Okane Bank in Japan is only 1,000 Yen which can be upgraded to 1,000,000 Yen.