Spending Skill Points

Mafia wars is an incredible game but you cannot excel in it unless you have mastered a strategy for playing the game. New players usually find it hard to get an idea of how to progress in the game or fail to progress quickly because they do not know how to go about playing the game. One of the most important issues that new mafia wars players face is how to spend the skill points that they are awarded.

At the beginning, each player gets 1 Attack, 1 Defense, 100 Health, 10 Energy and 3 Stamina. Gaining a level earns you 5 skill points that you can spend at your leisure. In the early stages, the game progresses much faster and you have plenty of skill points to spend. How you spend your skill points determines how soon you are able to build your mafia and dominate your friends. The following is a useful strategy for spending your skills points.


  • Spend at least 40% of the skill points you earn on Energy. It is the most vital attribute you have in the game especially in the starting phases. You need to have a full bank of energy in order to complete the missions and tasks that are given to you. Another reason why energy is important is because it can help you in leveling up and gaining more skill points. Therefore, it is extremely important that you allocate a major portion of your skill points to energy.
  • Stamina is the second attribute that you need to spend your skill points on. You need stamina when you are fighting other players which gains you more experience and can help you in unlocking loot items. However, do keep in mind that stamina regenerates at a similar rate as energy so unless you are a fighting freak who loves to fight rather than to complete jobs then you might have to spend a little more on stamina. If you are a regular player then it is best to spend some points on stamina but not all.
  • Health is one attribute that might seem as if it requires skill points more than any other attribute but it is not. You can refill your health by visiting the hospital once every 45 seconds so it is not worth it to dump your valuable skill points on this attribute.
  • Attack is another attribute which might be considered as an important one as far as spending on skill points is concerned but this becomes true only when you have progressed a lot farther in the game.
  • Defense like attack does not require skill point expenditure until you reach a higher level.