Italy Consumables



In Mafia Wars, you need consumables. Consumables are items that you may find or buy in the game. These items are important to help you accomplish missions. Consumables can no longer be available once used, but other temporary loot items may be reused.

Italy, the eighth playable city of the game, has 8 regions. In each region, different consumables are introduced at random. There are basically 5 consumables in the first 5 regions in Italy. More loot items may be introduced or reused in other next regions.

Severed Pinky

In playing the game, you’ll need to hunt down random, weird items. One of those is the Severed Pinky. This item is needed in the “Send A Message to the Di Rossa Family” job. It can be found in Region 1.

Tip: The collection of all 91 Severed Pinkies should be done with energy, Fight Paths, and a little bit of farming.

Rail Ticket

65 Rail Tickets are needed for you to complete the “Bug the Don’s Train Car” job of region 3. Rail tickets are neither giftable nor tradable. The only way to find these tickets is to complete the “Track down Don Adriano” job in the second region.

Smart Phone

This item is needed in different jobs, depending on the path you’ve taken.

Job: Infiltrate a Seven Star Hotel

Number of Smart Phones needed: 91

Job: Bug a Confessional

Number of Smart Phones needed: 65

Job: Break out an Incarcerated Lieutenant

Number of Smart Phones needed: 112

Job: Take out a Troublesome Carabinieri

Number of Smart Phones needed: 91

Job: Link the Camorra to the Police

Number of Smart Phones needed: 112

Like the Rail Tickets, Smart Phones aren’t available for trade or as gifts. So, the only way to find them is to accomplish the “Free a Professional Assassin” job in Region 4.

Cooked Books

In region 5, you need 89 Cooked Books for “Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract” job.

Two ways to find Cooked Books:

  1. Complete Region 4’s “Blackmail a Track Official” job.
  2. Complete Region 4’s “Interrogate a Lackey” job.

Hidden Charges

Depending on the path you’ve taken, you’ll need this consumable to complete jobs.

Job: Support Your Local Hooligan Firm

Number of Hidden Charges needed: 112

Job: Blow up a Police Station

Number of Hidden Charges needed: 91