Fighting is one of the most integral parts of playing the popular zynga game, Mafia Wars. You have to master the art of fighting if you want to survive in this crime world and create a mafia that is capable of annihilating anyone that stands in your way. However, mindless fighting is not going to get you anywhere in the game. You have to have a proper strategy before you go and attack players. The following is a strategy for fighting that you can employ for getting the best results in Mafia Wars.


  1. The first thing you must do before going into a fight is to check the strength of the player you are about to fight. If the player is too powerful then don’t hit that attack button but if he is less powerful or is your equal in strength then you can start the fight.
  2. You can check the strength of a player from five different criteria:
    • First one is the size of their mafia, the bigger the mafia size, the stronger the player is.
    • Second one is the number of jobs he has done. The more jobs he has completed the more strong he is in attack and defense.
    • Third one is the win to loss ratio. If the ratio is low then you have a better chance of success.
    • Fourth one is the weapons he has got, the more weapons he has, the more power he has got.
    • Fifth is the amount of properties he has which gives you an idea of how much money you can rob from him if you end up winning.
  3. Having analyzed a player on all the above mentioned accounts, if you find him to be beatable then attack him. If you win then don’t hold back and attack again. Keep on attacking them until you empty your stamina or end up losing a fight.
  4. If you happen to lose your health points while fighting a player who you are winning against then it is best to keep the attack window open until your health points get restored. As soon as you get your health and stamina to a considerable level, you can launch the attack again.
  5. Having found players that you can win against in a fight, it is best to keep on attacking them whenever you get the chance. To locate a player in Mafia Wars you will first have to copy his link location by right clicking on his name. You can use this link location to track the player again and fight with him.
  6. Make sure that you do not attack a player too much as they might put a hit on you, causing the other stronger members to come after you.