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A Guide to Successfully Promoting Your Online Game

You would want any gamer to hear about your online game and give it a try. However, promoting your online game is not an easy task – but it’s not an impossible task either. Here are some tips on how you can successfully promote your online game.

Connect with Gamers

Before everything, you need to have a high follower count on all of your social media accounts. This is one of the forefronts of promoting your online game. Your demographic revolves around gamers and gaming enthusiasts because they will be the ones who will help promote your online game. Socializing in gaming conventions, online threads, and pages are among the best ways of connecting with fellow gamers.

Social Media is the Way

There are many ways of spreading the news about your online game. In the height of today’s social media, it makes it far easier with just a post of a picture on Instagram, a tweet on Twitter, a status update on Facebook, and a video blog on Youtube. Your demographic are those who love watching games and gamers themselves. Cater to what gamers like to see, and speak from experience as a gamer yourself.

Utilize even the little things such as digital marketing for your medical spa that can generate traffic to your website and social media accounts. Even when words like medical spa marketing, 3d printer cookies, and other seemingly random words, they are keywords that help search engines connect your website, social media accounts, and game to those that match your SEO gaming keywords.

If you have a budget, you can invest in advertising your game on social media. A little investment will go a long way in widening the reach of your post. Most social media platforms have the advertising option.

Put Yourself Out There

If you are having difficulty establishing yourself online, then collaborate with those with a large following and who have been in the industry for a long time. If you are reaching out to big-time gamers and influencers, make yourself stand out from all the other requests for collaborations and features they get. Keep it short and simple because time is of the essence, and you do not want to waste other’s time.

Another way is to involve yourself in gaming conventions. Setting up a booth is a good way to promote your game as everyone in the event is a gamer. If setting up a booth is not possible, still involve yourself in these types of events and do gimmicks such as giveaway flyers about your game, etc.

You can also crowdsource because this will raise awareness about your game and might reach to people who are willing to fund and back your game.


It will take a lot to get your online game to sell, but perseverance and hard work will bring you to where you want to be. Do not be discouraged by some bumps on the road; instead, make sure to always push through it. The following tips along with a positive and go-to attitude will lead you to the success of your online game.

How to Market your App or Game on Instagram

 Developing a new game or app is already a challenge itself. Things then become even more challenging when the need for marketing kicks in. How can you tap the exact users that could appreciate your app? Many game and app developers turn to social media, especially Instagram, to get the kind of reach they need. Despite the mushrooming issues of an Instagram account hacker and Instagram account security around, app and game developers still do their best to use social media to their advantage. For those who are still starting out or those who want to optimize their Instagram marketing campaign further, here are some tips on how to make your Instagram marketing more successful:


If you’re not using hashtags on Instagram, better not market on the platform at all. Hashtags help users find your post. They boost your posts’ reach and exposure. Check which hashtags are most popular on your industry and use them accordingly. If you don’t know which hashtags should be best used, there are some apps that can help you out like Tags4Likes which you can download on the Play Store. Apps like this help you get an idea on which hashtags could work for your campaign.

High-Quality, Eye Catching Images

On Instagram, high-quality images always matter. It’s a visual content platform after all. Also, the images should be something that can readily catch people’s attention. The more eye-catching your images are, the more clicks your posts can get. Never take the image selection part for granted as it can definitely make or break your campaign.


This is kind of tricky. As you may have known, Instagram doesn’t make links clickable. For example, if you put “” on Instagram, users won’t get redirected to your site even after tapping the link. For them to visit your site, they still have to highlight the address, copy it, and paste it in the browser. The likelihood of people being willing to go through this simple yet still tedious process is kind of low. If despite this you still want to push on displaying your link, an alternative is to use a link shortener. For example, you can use  Some users find this easier to remember. They then don’t have to remember your domain extension as well.

The Audience

All social media networks are relatively the same, but what makes Instagram a bit different is the nature of its audience. Most of the users here are either photographers or very particular when it comes to image quality. The younger crowd is the usual users of Instagram, usually 25 years old below. Thus, your posts and marketing campaign should cater to this age bracket and demographics. You also have to consider that most users use mobile phones when browsing through this site. Knowing these data about your audience can help you have a foundation as to how to craft your marketing plan.

You have invested time, effort, and money in developing an app or game that stands out. Don’t allow your marketing campaign to be just the average. Pay attention to every detail of your business, and you’re sure set to reap the largest results.