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Virtual Currencies in Gaming Industries and Social Networks

Many games and social media apps today are free. You might be wondering how developers and publishers earn profits if they let users download them without a cost. While ads make up a portion of it, they make a lot of money out of these free apps with virtual currencies – a trend that has received a lot of love and lots and lots of hate from the end users. They also use in-game purchases at runescape prices which set by game developers.

Before virtual and in-game currencies, games (especially online games), as well as some social media apps must be purchased with real money as you download. Every download is an instant profit. This discourages users from downloading the app as they risk paying the full price up front and end up not enjoying the game.  With in-game currency, the app can be downloaded by the users for free. This allows them to get most of the app without paying, and let them have the option to purchase in-app items using virtual currency or sometimes real money.

Free-to-play games and social network apps may either have a single currency model or multiple currency models. In many games, these in-game currencies can be received by the player in many ways such as a daily login or objective accomplishment reward. This encourages them to keep on visiting the in-game store and spend the currency, and in turn, it encourages them to spend real money on items or in the case for games, with multiple currencies, on a “premium” in-game currency.

The demand for a game’s in-game currency is extremely high that it is traded with real money. However, Mark Methenitis, a Dallas attorney and a blogger, wrote in his blog called “Law of the Game” that virtual currencies are “completely unregulated”, making them dangerous for trading. He added that there is a possibility for fraud, and it is easy to cause an enormous hyperinflation. More experts also stated that virtual economies can also suffer the same problems that real economies currently have. To remedy this, some games and social media apps such as Hi5 has enlisted an economist.

Moreover, in-game currencies can be exploited by publishers to earn more money. Many games today employ loot boxes and pay-to-win micro-transactions. This encourages players to spend “premium” in-game currencies or even real money for loot boxes that may or may not have items that give them an advantage over other players. For most gamers, this takes out the fun gameplay element out of the game where players can win by skill, making the game unbalanced. Many game publishers are being criticized for producing pay-to-win games – not only are they making the games unbalanced, but they are also breaking gambling laws in some countries.

Does this mean that virtual and in-game currencies are really that bad? When done right, it is a win-win situation for both the users and the app publishers. It allows the publishers to earn lots of money while letting the users try the app first before spending. Players can enjoy earning in-game currencies as they progress through the game.

Virtual currencies will never be as valuable as real money, but when you spend time, effort, and money, real or virtual, the joy and satisfaction you get will always be worth it.

Everything You Need to Know About Brain Supplements as A Gamer

Competitive gaming is increasingly growing. Even in some universities, it is being recognized as a sport. In recent years, gamers must have the skill, brain power, and acumen. E-sport gamers need to concentrate for a long period of time while this kind of attention is likely to affect the brain. Competitive gaming can significantly impact your health. Thus, you need to support your physical and mental health using brain supplements such as optimind. You can learn more about optimind in this review and select wisely.

These will enhance your gaming performance. In this article, we’ll talk about everything that a gamer needs to know about brain supplements.

Why You Need to Take Brain Supplement as A Gamer

Because gaming requires the player to be in one position for a long period of time, e-sport gamers are encouraged to pay attention to their health. This is because gamers are likely to develop certain health conditions such as vibration syndrome, neck and elbow pain, obesity and strain injuries. Supplements play a significant role by preventing some of these issues and strengthening the mind to concentrate effectively. This is why gamers are encouraged to take brain supplements.

Benefits of Supplements for Gamers

Supplements for gamers are thought to have a couple of benefits where even those who do not play games can benefit from them. Some of the significant benefits are that they support both the physical and mental health. Thus, they are considered useful for everyone’s lifestyle. They help in enhancing your gaming experience by helping you be more attentive and be more fit for multitasking throughout the game. More importantly, they improve your health as well as your gaming performance. Supplements also help one to be accurate. For example, games that involve a first-person shooter call for one to be accurate. Supplements are thought to improve the sensory perceptions and acute motor skills of the person, which help one achieve a headshot in gaming.

Who Will Benefit from Gaming Supplements?

Competitive Gamers

The e-sport industry has rapidly grown. This industry is thought to continue growing due to significant discoveries in technology in return the number of gamers is also expected to increase. As more people join the gaming industry, it is crucial for them to understand the health complications associated with gaming and take some preventive measures against such.

Sedentary Individuals

Gamers involved in physically interactive e-sports are likely to gain weight, thus becoming obsess. Research has shown that those people who spend most of their time on the screen are likely to become overweight in a short period of time.

Those with Joint Pains

Gaming mainly involves small joint movement in places such as fingers, elbows, and writs. The primary body parts that are likely to be affected negatively by the video games include the back, shoulders, and necks. This is likely to lead to joint pains and health risks of diseases such as arthritis.

You can’t miss improving your gaming experience by using supplements. Supplements will help you become a good gamer.

Benefits of Digital CBD Oil for Gamers

CBD oil is derived from hemp and is rich in cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and it binds the receptors of the brain without causing a high.  There are various studies and evidence that suggest that the use of CBD oil can give relief from anxiety. A 2010 study done in people with social anxiety disorder found that cannabidiol could reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Another study was done in 2011 where some participants with social anxiety disorder were given CBD oil while others were not.

It is said that CBD oil cannot make you high but will reduce anxiety making its use common in the video gaming community. However, it is also possible to find that CBD causes a certain kind of “high” due to the cannabinoid that is known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that it contains. But, the best thing with CBD, though, is that it does not have the same mind-altering effects as marijuana. In most cases, playing video games means that you have to be glued to your seat for several hours. In order to perform well in video games, it requires full concentration and focus of both the mind and body. This is where medical cannabis like CBD oil comes in handy.

CBD oil can help you gain control, calm you down, and give you the concentration you need in order to become an elite gamer. CBD oil also has other health benefits:  it relieves nausea, helps fight cancer, enhances cardiovascular health, relieves inflammation and chronic pain, and helps treat neurological disorders like seizures.

What is Digital CBD?

Founded by Eric W Thompson, the program Digital CBD combines vibration technology with digital media. Basically, the digital CBD transmits the energy and wave-like properties of CBD into your electronic device like phones, computers, and laptops. The Digital CBD file can be in various formats to suit your desired needs. This includes audio, video, and picture file formats.

When this happens, your gaming device is transformed into a vibration healing tool. Hence, you can easily reap the benefits of CBD oil while playing your favorite video games. In addition, it is cost effective since you do not need to keep purchasing your CBD oil.

The vibration technology has also been found to administer subtle-energy. Subtle energies travel faster than light and exist beyond the forces of conventional science. Computers are then used to capture the subtle energy into digital format. This creates the energetic signatures that compromise of Digital CBD.

The three energetic signatures include CBD from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD from hemp, and 99%+ pure CBD isolate. The three energetic signatures then comprise of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), and cannabichromene (CBC) which have anti-anxiety effects.

It is no doubt that this naturally occurring compound can offer multiple health benefits including the reduction of anxiety. Its calming effects are essentially important for video games since gamers elicit various emotions which can make them lose the games. CBD can help regulate impulsive tendencies, promote calmness, and reduce anxiety so you become better while gaming.

Of course, what better way for gamers to get the benefits of CBD oil than through digital form? Digital CBD will transform your video game devices into tools that broadcast the informational data field and wave-like properties of CBD. In this way, you can effortlessly get the benefits of CBD while playing video games like Mafia Wars.